what people say

People seem to like what we do, which is all very reassuring and good for our egos, but showing what they say here is still a bit embarrassing. So if you promise not to make a fuss, and ignore us shuffling self-consciously in the corner,  you can read some of what they say below.


A fantastic experience for all children! The assembly hall was turned into an active learning environment. Ten out of ten!
Erin Blair, King’s Park PS

Fantastic! The children were glued!
Karen Annett, Vice Principal, Brackenagh West PS

An exciting and relevant show. It left the children buzzing about science!
Jane Cousins, Donacloney PS

A great show and very educational.
Wendy Poxon, Killyleagh PS

The Move it! Show had everyone captivated! It was delivered in a fast, fun way. Children were really excited to try out some ideas themselves.
S Morley, St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Teacher training

Paul McCrory was truly inspirational – reminded me what it was all about!
From keynote at Primary Science Conference, NSLC

Very, very interesting. A real eye-opener. My most useful session.
Delegate at Science NQT conference at SLC West Midlands

Paul McCrory has a lot to say about teaching.  His perspective makes an original contribution to the debate about the skills of the teacher and draws extensively upon experience of observing, deconstructing and providing high quality CPD.
Ed Walsh, Cornwall Learning

Absolutely fabulous – outlines a number of techniques that I know I am already using, but shows me how I can more effectively use them in my teaching.
Teacher at St Malachy’s College, Belfast

Informal educators

Paul McCrory is one of the UK’s leading science communicators. He has an enviable track record and always delivers a high quality product. Life has used him to train our Explainer staff and his input has been crucial in turning them into one of Europe’s leading public engagement teams.
Ian Simmons, Science Communication Director, Internation Centre for Life

The session was superbly presented and run, and even though the audience ranged from 10-year science communication veterans through to people starting out in their first job, Paul was able to tailor each session so that everyone took something worthwhile away from the training.
Neil Cartwright, Lab and Projects Officer, At-Bristol

We have used the wonderful ‘learn differently’ on four separate occasions in recent years and are extremely pleased with the service they provide. Over the period of a week, Paul’s shows simply get better and better! The academic professionalism of his research is perfectly counterbalanced by the child-friendliness of his delivery.
Paul Derby, Education Department, Armagh City and District Council

Paul is very professional, what he promises to do he does.  He is great at writing science shows to be delivered and watched by people of all ages and abilities.  He has a good understanding of a diverse range of scientific areas, and of the curriculum, and uses both to build excellent programmes which are popular with teachers and parents.
Adam Love-Rogers, National Museum of Flight, National Museums Scotland


One of the most enjoyable and worthwhile training courses I’ve been on.
Delegate at a PE course for ECIT, Queen’s University, Belfast

Some excellent examples of good communication. Inspiring guy.
From PE presentation to Engineering Department, University of Cambridge

A thoroughly stretching and stimulating 2 day course.
Delegate at a PE course for all disciplines at University of Liverpool

Very interactive, interesting, relevant and gave me a lot of ideas on how to make science more interesting to younger people and peers.
Delegate at a PE course for The Royal College of Pathologists

Paul worked with us on all stages of our project, from the initial design and fund raising activities through to training and delivery. At all stages his contribution was invaluable, and he was always readily available to consult and freely offered us his wealth of experience. He was full of good ideas but he also knew when to step back and let us run with our own ideas.
Fred Currell, Reader in Physics, Queen’s University, Belfast


The information was very good and useful for both school presentations and for work.
From PE presentation to staff at Perkins, Peterborough

An excellent science show that kept the kids on the edge of their seats. A great variety of interesting and fun science demonstrations with a high level of audience participation.  This is a great way to learn about science and a great way to get kids interested in science.
Paul Phelan, Intel Ireland


If you haven’t had enough of this blatant promotion, you can find more testimonials related to each of the main areas in which we work in the relevant sections of the website.