who we are

About learn differently ltd

learn differently seeks to inspire everyone in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  It is run by Paul McCrory and is based in Northern Ireland.

We have successfully presented interactive science demonstration shows to over 265,000 young people in hundreds of schools across Northern Ireland and at festivals in the Republic of Ireland.

We also provide UK-wide training and consultancy for teachers and informal educators, and for universities, businesses and charities who engage young people and the public.

About Paul McCrory

Paul is passionate about science, engineering and maths and in communicating this enthusiasm to others. Having worked in informal education in science centres and an outreach organisation for 15 years, he has a wealth of experience in engaging a wide range of audiences in an accessible and interesting way.

Paul has a BSc in physics and mathematics, an MSc in science communication, a PGCE in secondary education, and a PhD in science education. His PhD research explored how to promote interest in science through the use of techniques which foster emotional engagement.

He is fortunate to be regularly invited to give conference presentations and training to science teachers, informal educators and others across the UK, and he enjoys this dissemination aspect of his work as much as delivering programmes directly for young people and the public.