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Paul McCrory is one of the UK’s leading science communicators. He has an enviable track record and always delivers a high quality product. Life has used him to train our Explainer staff and his input has been crucial in turning them into one of Europe’s leading public engagement teams.
Ian Simmons, Science Communication Director, Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

Paul is a totally rare breed: practitioner, philosopher and teacher all in one. Nothing exists in his performance without solid educational and theatrical understanding driving it.
What sets him even further apart from other science communicators is his training skill. Not only does he show how to do it and know why he’s doing it, he brings the same ability and understanding out in others. His technique is akin to watching a Zen master. First he relaxes students into a joyful state then zaps them into deeper understanding with some precise and unforgetable aphorism.
I respect Paul very much and have learnt a great deal by paying attention to what he says and does, both on stage and off.
Tom Pringle (aka Dr Bunhead)

Paul has been an amazing source of inspiration and expertise to us here at science made simple. We have worked with him on fine-tuning some aspects of our new shows and in the continuing professional development of our presenters. His feedback is always positive and constructive and comes form a position of many years experience learning his craft in the field and through his academic study of the subject area. He is a pleasure to work with and truly passionate about what he does.
Wendy Sadler, Director, Science Made Simple

We have used the wonderful ‘Learn Differently’ on four separate occasions in recent years and are extremely pleased with the service they provide. Over the period of a week, Paul’s shows simply get better and better! The academic professionalism of his research is perfectly counterbalanced by the child-friendliness of his delivery.
Paul Derby, Education Department, Armagh City and District Council

The session was superbly presented and run, and even though the audience ranged from 10-year science communication veterans through to people starting out in their first job, Paul was able to tailor each session so that everyone took something worthwhile away from the training.
Neil Cartwright, Lab and Projects Officer, At-Bristol

Paul is very professional, what he promises to do he does.  He is great at writing science shows to be delivered and watched by people of all ages and abilities.  He has a good understanding of a diverse range of scientific areas, and of the curriculum, and uses both to build excellent programmes which are popular with teachers and parents.
Adam Love-Rogers, National Museum of Flight, National Museums Scotland

I was spell bound for the duration of Paul’s training session. There are certainly several nuggets of useful information that I will never forget.
Philip Wilkinson, Senior Exhibit Builder, International Centre for Life

Paul McCrory’s session was the most memorable. He was fun, funny, personable and the content of his talk was excellent.
UWE MSc Science Communication student

As a trainer he is a great encourager, an underrated skill in Britain.  In training new presenters he is good at finding people’s current level of ability and building them up from there.
Adam Love-Rogers, National Museum of Flight, National Museums Scotland

The inclusive approach which Paul used to develop the workshops, coupled with his friendly and capable approach, ensured that this training was welcomed and enjoyed by all participants.
Arlene Bell, National Museums Northern Ireland

Paul McCrory is one of the few people who has got to the core of what makes people engage with a topic.  The best teachers do it instinctively but through his research Paul helps everyone to improve their delivery to the benefit of their audiences and themselves.
Noel Jackson, Head of Education, Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

His performances are professional, fun and very informative. He has worked with primary, post-primary, family and corporate audiences in Galway. We are very happy to recommend think differently to anyone who is serious about the promotion of science.
Richie Byrne, Galway Science and Technology Festival