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Interactive science shows for schools and families

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Paul is a totally rare breed: practitioner, philosopher and teacher all in one. Nothing exists in his performance without solid educational and theatrical understanding driving it.
Tom Pringle (aka Dr Bunhead)


Whether you’re presenting a show, a workshop, a dialogue session, or simply engaging visitors on the exhibition floor – if you’re not interacting with your audience, you’re throwing away one of the most powerful benefits of live communication.

Currently, we offer two in-house training courses for educators who either present or write interactive shows:

  • Delivering interactive presentations
  • Developing interactive presentations

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We hope to announce some exciting new resources and training for informal educators soon.

The session was superbly presented and run, and even though the audience ranged from 10-year science communication veterans through to people starting out in their first job, Paul was able to tailor each session so that everyone took something worthwhile away from the training.
Neil Cartwright, Lab and Projects Officer, At-Bristol


We offer a range of educational consultancy services – particularly in the areas of commissioned show or workshop development, and programme evaluation.

Contact us anytime to have  a chat about your project. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll probably know someone who can.