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Delivering interactive presentations

Participants will witness and practice a wide range of engagement techniques eg character; voice and body; emotional modelling; volunteers; audience empowerment; improvisation; variety and pace; suspense and surprise; humour; story-telling; demonstrations; props; etc. Individual feedback will be provided to each presenter.
Additional topics which can be discussed include – audience control; adapting presentations for different ages and audiences; self-development for presenters.

Developing interactive presentations

This course will explore issues such as creativity techniques, show structure, scripting, practice and rehearsal, staging, risk assessment, and training presenters to deliver your show. It assumes a familiarity with the engagement techniques discussed in the presentation delivery course.
Creativity is a very elusive quality, and there are no magic formulas. So there will be lots of opportunities to share and compare how we each write interactive presentations.


The inclusive approach which Paul used to develop the workshops, coupled with his friendly and capable approach, ensured that this training was welcomed and enjoyed by all participants.
Arlene Bell, National Museums Northern Ireland

Booking information

These experiential courses can be delivered in half-day or full-day formats. They can also be tailored to suit either groups of new presenters or more experienced presenters. Depending of how much individual feedback you want each presenter to receive, the recommended course numbers vary between 6 and a maximum of 20.

All of these courses are delivered by Paul McCrory. Contact us if you would like to discuss your presenter training needs.