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Our current keynotes, presentations and workshops for teachers are based around the central issue of how teachers can create interest in science in the classroom. The following keynote/ presentation and workshops have been very well-received in many science education conferences across the UK.

Letting the fun in science out (keynote/ presentation)

It seems as if teachers are constantly being exhorted to “make science fun” nowadays. How can hard-pressed teachers working to deliver a curriculum, find the time to do this in practice? Is it even possible, or desirable, to “make” all science topics fun? This interactive presentation will explore these fundamental questions and use exciting demonstrations to introduce a toolkit of techniques to emotionally engage students in science in the classroom.

Getting them emotional about science (workshop)

This experiential workshop will explore a range of emotional engagement techniques which teachers can use to create interest in their classrooms eg emotional modelling, disclosing character, interaction, improvisation, suspense and surprise, humour, story-telling, demonstrations, etc. The workshop will include demonstrations and illustrations of the engagement techniques, small group activities to develop skills, time for self-reflection, and sharing and discussion opportunities. The session can last from an hour to 1 day.

Absolutely fabulous – outlines a number of techniques that I know I am already using, but shows me how I can more effectively use them in my teaching.
Teacher at St Malachy’s College, Belfast

Booking information

All of these sessions are delivered by Paul McCrory. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we could contribute to your next conference or teacher training event.

If you’re a teacher in Northern Ireland, you can also see many of the engagement techniques discussed in these sessions put into practice in our science outreach shows.